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NFCC Winds-Up Fall Schedule with Courses at 2009 NFCA Convention

Coaches of all levels and Convention goers alike are urged to attend NFCC Course held at the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. Course 401 “The Art of Championship Coaching” will be offered the weekend prior to the Convention, December 6-8, and Course 402 “Advanced Analysis of Hitting, Pitching & Short Game Skills” will be immediately following the Convention, December 12-14. Make your Convention experience one to remember by attending these courses at a special convention discount. 

“The Art of Championship Coaching” course will offer you the opportunity to mold your program into a championship unit. Discussion will include program policies, standards and expectations and you a better understanding of your players behaviors and reactions. Instructors Gayle Blevins, Head Coach at Iowa, Susan Craig, the 14th winningest coach in Division I history, and Rhonda Revelle, Head Coach at Nebraska will take you beyond the X’s and O’s and reinforce the intangibles that are necessary for all winning programs. 

This course will help you develop and apply the skills of coaching through case study and discussion: 

• Discover how your coaching style can have maximum impact on your athletes. 
• Gain a better understanding of your players -- why they act the way they do and how to predict their responses. 
• Improve your effectiveness in dealing with recurring issues like playing time, teamwork, discipline, confidence, slumps and change 
• Learn specific tips for coaching hitters and pitchers. 
• Learn to better manage team meetings, conflict and negativity. 
• Develop effective protocol for pre-game, pitching changes, substitutions, practice, travel, games and team membership. 
• Discuss the art of scheduling and game planning. 
• Learn strategies for goal setting, listening, communicating and delegating. 
• Identify fatal coaching flaws and discuss how to fix them. 

“Advanced Analysis of Hitting, Pitching & Short Game Skills” will offer you the opportunity to study the mechanics of hitting, pitching, bunting and slapping. This course will be highly interactive as you examine faults and fixes with live batters and pitchers. Instructors Mike Candrea, Head Coach at Arizona Carie Dever-Boaz, author of The Art of Pitching, and Pat Murphy, Head Coach at Alabama will mold you into a better hitting and pitching coach. 

This course instructs you how to analyze and teach fundamental individual skills. You will learn and examine: 
• Study the mechanics of hitting, pitching, bunting and slapping. 
• Examine skills through video and photo analysis. 
• Know and identify both efficient and inefficient performances and discuss how to correct typical errors in performance. 
• Learn coaching cues and drills to improve your batter's and pitcher's fundamental skills. 

If you do not have time to attend the full Convention, make sure to attend one of these jam-packed educational classes with exceptional instructors. 

NFCC classes can be taken for personal growth and development as a coach or as an opportunity to earn continuing education units through Mississippi State University, Master Coach status, through the NFCA and/or credit toward a master’s degree in kinesiology through Texas Woman’s University. 

For more information contact Hildred Deese, Senior Director of Events, at 662/320-2155 or visitnfca.org/college