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Softball Coaching Bible


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Fall Schedule Continues with Double Dip of NFCC Class Offerings

Coaches at all levels are invited to attend NFCC courses held in Alabama and Minnesota the weekend of November 20-22. The courses will offer you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and challenge your coaching philosophy. 

The "Coaching Dynamic Team Practices" course will teach you how to develop appropriate practices for pre-season and in-season. You will get to observe collegiate players in scripted practices and will enjoy seeing how different drills are used in the teaching sequence. It will be held at Birmingham Southern College. Sharon Drysdale, Director of the National Fastpitch Coaches College; Eugene Lenti, Head Coach at Depaul University; and Deb Pallozzi, Head Coach at Ithaca College will have classroom instruction and discussion followed by practical application using athletes in a demonstration setting. 

This course examines the factors that must be considered when teaching softball skills and taking those skills to the next level. The class starts in the classroom and moves to the field-indoor facility for demonstration and evaluation of different types of practices and drills. In addition you will: 

• Take an in-depth look at planning, organizing and conducting practices from the ground up. 
• Construct a draft of a master practice plan. Discuss sample daily plans. Consider differences in pre-season, pre-game and off-season plans. 
• Develop practice policies and procedures, logistics and routines. 
• Discuss eight mistakes coaches make when teaching drills and how to prevent them. 
• Learn how to boost your player’s performance through effective feedback. 
• Actively participate in drills designed to improve your personal coaching skills. 
• Evaluate sample hitting, pitching and position play practices. Also, observe and evaluate practices designed to help players develop game sense, counter offensive-defensive strategies and prepare for games. 

The "Art of Championship Coaching" course in Minneapolis, Minnesota will offer you the opportunity to learn how to mold your team into a championship unit. You will discuss issues such as program policies, standards and expectations and you will gain a better understanding of why your players act the way they do and how to predict their responses. Gayle Blevins, Head Coach at the University of Iowa; Susan Craig, the 14th winningest coach in NCAA Division I history; and Rhonda Revelle, Head Coach at the University of Nebraska will take you beyond the X’s & O’s and will reinforce the intangibles necessary for all winning programs. 

Softball is more than X's and O's. Learn how to mold your team into the championship team you always wanted. This course will help you develop and apply the skills of coaching through case study and discussion: 

• Discover how your coaching style can have maximum impact on your athletes. 
• Improve your effectiveness in dealing with recurring issues like playing time, teamwork, discipline, confidence, slumps and change. 
• Learn specific tips for coaching hitters and pitchers. 
• Learn to better manage team meetings, conflict and negativity. 
• Develop effective protocol for pre-game, pitching changes, substitutions, practice, travel, games and team membership. 
• Discuss the art of scheduling and game planning. 
• Learn strategies for goal setting, listening, communicating and delegating. 
• Identify fatal coaching flaws and discuss how to fix them. 

NFCC classes can be taken for personal growth and development as a coach or as an opportunity to earn continuing education units through Mississippi State University, Master Coach status, through the NFCA and/or credit toward a master’s degree in kinesiology through Texas Woman’s University. 

For more information contact Hildred Deese, Senior Director of Events, at 662/320-2155 or visit.nfca.org/college