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NFCC Resumes Fall Schedule with Trio of Class Offerings

Coaches at all levels are invited to attend NFCC courses held in Ohio, New Jersey and Florida the weekend of November 6-8. The NFCC offers a unique opportunity to develop and apply the skills of coaching through observation, analysis of game clips and real-time strategy decisions 

“Winning Strategies for Game-Day Coaching” will be offered in Columbus, Ohio, at Ohio State University. 

“Position Play & Individual Defensive Strategies” will be offered in Montclair, N.J., on the campus of Montclair State University. 

“Explosive Team Offense & Strategy” will be offered in Orlando, Fla., at the University of Central Florida. 

The “Winning Strategies for Game-Day Coaching” course in Columbus, Ohio will, offer you the opportunity to learn how to scout opponents, manage game-day protocols and difficult game-day situations. You will discuss appropriate play calling and engage in on-field drills to improve your base-coaching skills. Carie Dever-Boaz, author of The Art of Pitching; Heather Tarr, head coach at the University of Washington, and Scott Whitlock, head coach at Kennesaw State University, will guide you through the game-day experience. 

You will develop and apply the skills of coaching through observation, analysis of game clips and real-time strategy decisions. Other topics include: 

• Analyze selected game match ups. Develop prospective game plans and discuss them in a group setting; 
• Identify opponent's basic game plans; 
• Scout from within a game and assess the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent; 
• Make real-time strategy decisions based on what you see in game clips; 
• Evaluate team and individual performance; 
• Discuss how to handle "teachable moments," during a game; 
• Address difficult coaching situations and brainstorm how to handle them; 
• Recognize rules issues and answer questions relative to their resolution; respond to hypothetical rules cases; 
• Also addresses such topics as: personnel decisions, game hitting, bench management, game plan adjustments, pitch calling, giving signs, base coaching, developing a "Blue Book" on umpires and conducting meetings (pre-game, post-game). 

The “Position Play and Individual Defensive Skills” course in Montclair, New Jersey, will offer you the opportunity to analyze and learn how to teach the defensive skills necessary to play all softball positions. John Tschida, the head coach at St. Thomas; Bill Edwards, head coach at Hofstra University, and Cindy Bristow, owner of Softball Excellence, a softball instructional web site, will show you the importance of defense and how it helps you win. 

In addition, participants will: 


• Study the mechanics of throwing, tossing and fielding 
• Examine the techniques used to cover bases, back up, check runners, retrieve balls and cut-off throws 
• Identify and break down the skills required to play each defensive position 
• Analyze and correct typical errors in performance 
• Review and discuss situational game charts 
• Accumulate drills for the practice of position play skills. 


And if it's offense that you want, the “Explosive Team Offense & Strategy” course in Orlando, Fla., will offer you the opportunity to learn how to manufacture runs and become more of a consistent offensive threat to opponents. Sharon Drysdale, director of the NFCC, Jacquie Joseph, head coach at Michigan State University, and Margie Wright, head coach at Fresno State University, will teach you how to read your opponent and coordinate the actions of your individual players in order to score and manufacture runs. 

In addition, you will: 

• Examine the pieces of an explosive offensive puzzle (power, running and short game); 
• Learn the elements of play-mapping and apply them to numerous tactics and strategies; 
• Practice and evaluate your play calling by going head-to-head with classmates and instructors in various game situations; 
• Discuss how to put together a batting order and how to use the DP-FLEX rule to your advantage; 
• Study offensive strategy factors and principles of strategic thinking; 
• Learn how to interpret opponent statistics and apply the information to your game plan; 
• Break down the four basic elements of a game plan; 
• You have to score to win: 33 Tips for Runners, 15 Tips for Coaches, 23 Tips for Batters; 
• Explore your offensive philosophy, personnel management, scouting and the evaulation of offensive performance; 
• Accumulate drills for the practice of offensive team skills and strategies. 

NFCC classes can be taken for personal growth and development as a coach or as an opportunity to earn continuing education units through Mississippi State University, Master Coach status, through the NFCA and/or credit toward a master’s degree in kinesiology through Texas Woman’s University. 

For more information contact Hildred Deese, Senior Director of Events, at 662/320-2155 or visitnfca.org/college.