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NCAA Legislative Council Approves Division I Recruiting Calendar Change

 NCAA Legislative Council Approves Division I Recruiting Calendar Change 

Board of Directors Still To Review April 30 

The NCAA Division I Legislative Council has approved Proposal No. 2008-67, legislation sponsored by the Big East Conference that reestablishes a recruiting contact and evaluation period from August 1 through the day prior to Thanksgiving (excluding the early signing dead period dates). 

The Division I recruiting calendar proposal now must be considered by the NCAA Board of Directors during its April 30 meeting, but it is anticipated that the board will approve. The NCAA agenda clarifies that the Legislative Council is responsible for considering, and ultimately voting on, all legislative proposals remaining in the annual legislative cycle. Thereafter, the Board has the authority to consider any proposal adopted by the Legislative Council but is not required to examine every adopted proposal. The intent of this process is to allow the Legislative Council to take the final action on the day-to-day legislative matters necessary for the efficient management of Division I, and to leave to the discretion of the Board the authority to address the broader legislative issues facing the division. 

The NCAA Division I Recruiting Calendar was first established in 1999, allowing for a fall recruiting period from August 1 through the day before Thanksgiving. Then, in 2007, the recruiting calendar was modified (Proposal No. 2006-55) to change the fall evaluation period from the second Friday in October through the first Sunday of November. Passage of Proposal No. 2008-67 will revert the calendar back to the original calendar and a more open fall recruiting period. If passed by the Board of Directors, the expanded fall recruiting calendar will be effective immediately.