National Digital Dashboard

The National Digital Dashboard, a concept to bring the fastpitch community together in the recruiting arena, involves three important phases:

  1. NFCA Recruiting App, powered by NCSA, where players across the country can build their recruiting profiles for free through iPhone mobile app technology, including ability to upload a video link. Coaches can then access their information through an NSCA online platform.  In addition, players will have access to free education about the game and recruiting through Softball University. AVAILABLE NOW!
  2. Development of national standards in the area of athletic measurables.  The NFCA is researching what national averages are for athletic measurables in nine key areas. AVAILABLE SPRING 2014.
  3. Launching of national combines in order to officially take athletic measurables.  The NFCA will work with other national organizations in the development of the national events to provide "verified" athletic measurables. Within two years, the NFCA will be partnering with event operators and associations to provide NFCA Verified Combine Events.


  • 20-Yard Sprint
  • Pro Agility/Shuttle
  • Vertical Jump
  • Grip Strength
  • Ball Exit Speed (from bat)
  • Overhand Throw Velocity
  • For pitchers: Fastest Pitch Velocity
  • For pitchers: Change-Up Velocity
  • For pitchers: RPM (revolutions per minute)
  • For catchers: Pop Time