Title IX Resources

9 New "School" Year's Resolutions in Honor of the 40th Anniversary of Title IX:

I - Remember information is power.  Resolve to reiview NCAA publications/brochures: Gender Equity Planning - Best Practices, Title IX, SWA-Senior Woman Administrator, Title IX Cordinator and Athletic Compliance, Staying in Bounds - An NCAA Model Policy to Prevent Inappropriate Relationships Between Student Athletes and Athletics Department Personnel, etc. Link = www.ncaa.org/gender_equity

II - Resolve to teach my student-athletes and staff about Title IX

III - Review and compare my institution's Athletics Department & Sports Budgets and EADA [Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act] reports.  Link = http://ope.ed.gov/athletics/

IV - Resolve to find and meet my institution's Title IX Coordinator

V - Resolve to review my personnel file annually and submit positive documents supporting me, my team and my job performance

VI - Resolve to review the Athletics Department and institution's Faculty/Staff Handbook, especially, policies on non-discrimination, personnel files, harassment, retaliation, whistleblowing, bullying, NCAA rules compliance, use of email, use of cell phones, hiring and firing policies, etc.  Also, review Student-Athlete Handbook and other pertinent publications.

VII - Resolve to become more involved with academic departments with classes on women's issues, women's groups on and off campus such as: Women's Studies, Women's Resource Center, AAUW [American Association of University of Women] etc.  This applies to both men and women who coach softball.

VIII - Resolve to talk to and support other women's sports on campus and the women and men who coach women's sports

IX - Resolve to talk to 9 other NFCA members about Title IX prior to the 2012 NFCA Convention.