Chair: Lisa Navas, University of South Carolina

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Composition and Duties of the Rules and Officials Committee per the NFCA Bylaws:

a) Composition and Selection. The Rules and Officials Committee shall consist of at least one representative from each group and one affiliate-umpire member; all elected by majority vote of the members of her/his respective group. Additional members may be appointed by the President. The President and Executive Director shall serve as ex-officio member of this committee and shall have voice but no vote.

b) Term of Service. The term of service shall be one three-year term.

c) Duties. It shall be the duty of the Rules and Officials Committee to:

(1) Be informed about rule changes and proposed changes that relate to and have significance for softball programs and coaches. Inform and educate the membership relative to such rules. Point out problems, study implications, and consult the membership for opinions and response.

(2) Study the need for rule changes. Consider and investigate rule changes that may be in the best interest of the players, and of the sport of softball in general. Present recommended rule changes to the membership for discussion and approval (majority vote).

(3) Solicit and receive recommended rule revisions from individuals, conferences, etc. Present them to the membership for discussion and   approval (majority vote).

(4) Generate position statements in support of NFCA recommended rule changes. Submit them to the Executive Board for review and approval (majority vote). Work closely with the Liaison Committee and the NFCA Legislative committee in efforts to broaden the base of external support for changes.

(5) Direct NFCA recommended rule changes to external groups whose philosophies and policies influence and affect NFCA members and their softball programs. Upon the direction of the President, and with the full knowledge and cooperation of the Executive Director, represent the NFCA in rule discussions and/or meetings with representatives of the aforementioned groups.

(6) Strive to develop rule consistency for all levels of play – high school, collegiate, ASA, recreational, international. Use NFCA publications and/or clinics to educate and inform members of the variations in playing rules among the different groups.

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