Overall Committee Chair: Boo DeOliveira, 2nd Vice President, Purdue University

Rollin Thunder Gold
2015-2017; 1st Term
Cannot Be Reelected
Carolina Elite (SC)
2015-2017; 1st Term
Cannot Be Reelected
Pittsburgh Predators
2015-2017; 1st Term
Can Be Reelected
Texas Bombers Gold
2015-2017; 1st Term
Cannot Be Reelected
Angels Gold (GA)
2015-2017; 2nd Term
Cannot Be Reelected
Road Runner Elite
2015-2017; 1st Term
Cannot Be Reelected
TNT Gold/Premier (PA)
Cannot Be Reelected

Composition and Duties of the Recruiting Committee per the NFCA Bylaws:

The following is a structure developed after the convention, therefore, it was not approved as a bylaw change. It will be used as a trial structure in 2010, with a final recommendation considered at the 2011 convention.

a) Composition and Selection. There shall be a separate Recruiting Subcommittee for each of the following active membership groups: NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, NJCAA, California Community College, High School, Travel Ball. Each subcommittee shall consist of one elected head, associate head or assistant coach from each of the regions within the class/group. The candidates for each region’s representative who receive the second highest number of total votes cast shall be Alternate Regional Representatives. One of the members of each subcommittee shall be elected its chair. The overall chair of the Recruiting Committee shall be the Second Vice President, but she/he shall have voice but no vote in the committee. The President and Executive Director shall serve as ex-officio members of this committee and shall have voice but no vote.

b) Term of Service. The Second Vice President shall serve as chair as long as she/he remains in office. The term of service of subcommittee chairs shall be one year, with eligibility for successive reelection. Committee members shall be elected for one three-year term.

c) Duties. It shall be the duty of each Recruiting Subcommittee to:

(1) Monitor recruiting rules and policies within each group and make suggestions for change.

(2) Communicate rules, regulations and interpretations to the various members of that group.

(3) Develop educational material for coaches, players and parents, including, but not limited to:

(a) the NFCA Recruiting Brochure

(b) Top Recruit annual publication

(c) Recruiting section of the NFCA web site

(d) articles for Fastpitch Delivery, and other sections of the NFCA web site.

d) Alternate Regional Representative. Alternate regional representatives shall substitute for their respective regional representative if circumstances prevent her/his attendance at any meeting or conference call. The alternate must be from the region of the absent representative.

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