The NFCA is proud to announce a game-changing EXCLUSIVE benefits package to all High School, Travel Ball and Youth Coach members that will immediately improve your team! We know how important practice is to the success of your team and that’s why we’ve partnered with Softball Excellence, who specialize in softball education,  to create the following membership benefit just for Travel Ball, High School and Youth Ball Coaches. 

Here’s a look at what you’ll receive with your NFCA membership:

  • 9 Practice Plans (ready-to-use practices.)
  • 34 Team Drills (fielding, throwing, sliding and strategy)
  • 18 Hitting Drills (within a Hitting Drills eBook that include both Batting T and Toss Drills
  • 3 Video Drills

(ALL of these include detailed diagrams,pictures or video to make them ready-to-useToday!)

  • NFCA member coaches in the high school, travel ball and youth categories can receive EXCLUSIVE educational materials! This is a first-of-its-kind coaching package, which includes practice plans, drills, a hitting drills eBook and a team production package, specially produced for the NFCA by Softball Excellence.
  • If you are a High School, Travel Ball or Youth member, please log in and head to your coach's box to take advantage of this new and exciting benefit.
  • If you are not a member, click on the appropriate link at the bottom of the page for information about specific membership packages and how to join the NFCA.
NFCA Executive Director Carol Bruggeman

"Our Coaching Tools package provides specialized educational information to our Grassroots Fastpitch coaches (high school, travel ball, and youth coaches)."

"We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on our Year One Coaching Tools package. Coaches want relevant information they can put into practice immediately. Our Coaching Tools packages provide outstanding resources for our Grassroots Fastpitch coaches.

Softball Excellence Founder Cindy Bristow

“The most exciting thing about the package we’ve created for the NFCA is that it is something all high school, travel ball and youth coaches need, and that they can IMMEDIATELY use.”

"Make your players and team better by making your practices better. Engage your players, improve their skills and increase their competitiveness with these great practice plans and drills."


Packages (Year One)
  • NFCA Effective Coaching Package - Practice Keys
  • NFCA Practice Plans and Drills Package
eBook (Year One)
  • NFCA Hitting and Drills eBook
Videos (Year One)
  • Drill #2 - Bat Sprints
  • Drill #8 - Belly Pops
  • Drill #11 - Beat the Runner
Packages (Year Two)
  • NFCA Practice Plans and Drills Package
Videos (Year Two)
  • Flip Dives - Catching
  • Skill Drill - Base Running
Packages (Year Three)
  • Effective Coaching Package - Coaching the Female Athlete; Getting the Most from your Players
  • Practice Plans and Drills
Videos (Year Three)
  • Star Drill - Throwing
  • Over the Line

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