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Practice Perfect Softball

The road to a championship season begins long before the first pitch of the opening game. It begins before a player even steps onto the field.
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In Practice Perfect Softball, the game’s premier coaches share their approaches, experiences, and philosophies of every aspect of practice. This authoritative guide goes beyond the stretches and drills, straight to the heart of winning—effort and attitude.

From structuring sessions to evaluating practice performance, you’ll find proven and practical recommendations from the all-star lineup of contributors:

Julie Lenhart

Rachel Hanson

Beverly Smith

Rachel Lawson

Lisa (Sweeney) Van Ackeren

Dot Richardson

Ken Eriksen

Connie Clark

Celeste Knierim

Bill Gray and Melissa Chmielewski

Lonni Alameda

Jo Evans

Jen McIntyre

Donna Papa

JoAnne Graf (editor)

Inside, you’ll identify and establish practice ethics; assess team strengths; and develop players’ skills in the field, on the mound, and at the plate. Developed by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association, Practice Perfect Softball is your guide to developing champions on and off the field. Contents Preface Chapter

1. Establishing a Strong Work Ethic: Julie Lenhart Chapter

2. Planning Productive Practices: Rachel Hanson Chapter

3. Incorporating Technology and Practice Tools: Beverly Smith Chapter

4. Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Rachel Lawson Chapter

5. Developing a Competitive Environment: Lisa (Sweeney) Van Ackeren Chapter

6. Motivating Players in Practices: Dot Richardson Chapter

7. Organizing Effective Batting Practices: Ken Eriksen Chapter

8. Organizing Effective Fielding Practices: Celeste Knierim Chapter

9. Developing the Pitcher and Catcher: Connie Clark Chapter

10. Perfecting Position Play: Bill Gray and Melissa Chmielewski Chapter

11. Offensive Situational Practices: Lonni Alameda Chapter

12. Defensive Situational Practices: Jo Evans Chapter

13. Evaluating Practices: Donna Papa Chapter

14. Practicing Indoors: Jen McIntyre

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