3N2 - Booth 105,107

3N2 designs and manufactures the most durable and dynamic line of comfort-driven, performance-boosting Softball and Baseball Uniforms, Footwear & Apparel.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Jeffery Meads - Email,

4D Motion Sports - Booth 328, 330

3D motion capture system designed specifically for fast pitch softball to analyze the pitching and hitting motions

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact David Todhunter - Email,

6-4-3 Charts - Booth 224

At 6-4-3 Charts, we provide the most accurate and comprehensive spray charts and advanced analytics on the market. Our key to making you successful is our ability to ingest massive data and provide you with easy-to-read reports that will save your staff dozens of hours per week. We take great pride in delivering legendary customer service to our clients. We are changing the game in what you can get out of your spray charts and related data. See 643charts.com for more information.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Tim Kuhn - Email,

AIST (American International Sports Teams Inc.) - Booth 619,718

We are a full service sports tour company offering top quality services for team tours as well as individual. Our team tours are custom built to your needs as a team. AIST select teams compete in tournaments around the world. Individuals from colleges/clubs/high schools join together to represent the USA in international competition.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Chad Wilkinson - Email,

Athletx Sports Group - Booth 326

Since its foundation in 2012, Athletx Sports Group has brought together multiple brands under one banner, including Baseball Youth, Softball Youth, Drive & Company, Game Day USA, Youth Baseball Nationals, Youth Softball Nationals, Pastime Tournaments and Mid-America Baseball. Collectively, in 2019, the Athletx Sports Group brands will represent over 600 team-based and individual player events across the nation, featuring over 12,500 teams, 165,000 players, 35,000 coaches and 367,000 spectators. In addition to producing first-class events, Athletx boasts a strong media presence with over 590,000 social media followers across its brands’ various Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Allison Honkofsky - Email,

Bats (Sydex Sports) - Booth 111

BATS! for College combines instant video viewing with top-quality data analysis on a network based system that can be accessed by everyone in your organization.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Dan DeFilippo - Email,

Batting Cages USA - Booth 123

Manufacturer of all types of netting.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Lawrence Greenberg - Email,

Better Baseball - Booth 611, 613

We specialize in providing sports netting for all types of sports- baseball, softball, golf, soccer, lacrosse, etc. Big or small, if there's a net involved, we want to be there.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Chris Law - Email,

Big Sports Properties, Powerplex - Booth 229, 231

Dynamic mixed-use sports complexes for communities and universities These fully integrated sports destinations bring world class fields, weather resistant domes, courts, hotels, restaurants, retail and medical partnerships to a single site. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Cathy Weatherred - Email,

BigSigns.com - Booth 320

BigSigns.com offers a variety of different branding products that can transform any average looking stadium into a one-of-a-kind facility. From fence graphics to bleacher graphics, to wall graphics and locker room graphics, BigSigns.com can help give you a stadium that everyone will be proud to call home.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Robert Claeys - Email,

Blast Motion - Booth 304, 306


Find purpose in your training and learn how to own your swing with Blast Motion. Blast Softball combines the industry's most accurate motion sensor with Premium Services to deliver advanced metrics, swing analysis, communication, and team management to help coaches and athletes improve. Our full solution is trusted by over 65% of the Power 5 Conferences, hundreds of collegiate teams, and travel teams nationwide.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Megan Miller - Email,

Blue Radar Search - Booth 428

Blue Radar Search is all about helping coaches digitally brand themselves and enhance their professional development. We aim to help new and assistant coaches get discovered while also aiding head coaches and hiring professionals to find the right candidates to fit their programs through our job portal. Coaches of all levels, as well as graduating seniors, can use Blue Radar Search to fill out their own custom profiles to showcase their brand, coaching philosophy, accolades, coaching/playing experience, and virtual coaching trees.

Visit Website
Contact Kevin Keckler - Email,

Bownet Sports - Booth 305, 307, 402, 404, 406


The world leader in training systems, nets, goals and on the field product! Train like a pro, train with Bownet!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Dave Pherrin - Email,

BSN Sports - Booth 715

Founded in 1972 as a factory-direct equipment company, BSN SPORTS is the largest distributor of team sports apparel and equipment in the United States.

Visit Website
Contact Jamie Potts - Email,

Buntdown Bat - Booth 609

Training bat for bunting

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Tom Kelliher - Email,

Burbank Sport Nets - Booth 605, 607

Industry Leader in Backstop Netting, Overhead Protective and Barrier Netting, Indoor Hitting Facilities, Batting Cages and Protective Screens.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Rusty Green - Email,

Catapult Sports - Booth 621, 623

Catapult exists to build and improve the performance of athletes and teams at all levels of sport. Catapult has over 340 staff across 30 locations, working with more than 2500 teams in 39 sports.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Andrew Ricciardelli - Email,

Clell Wade Coaches Directory - Booth 407


Coaches Directory & Coaching Newsletters

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Karan Wade-Hutton - Email,

Columbus, GA Sports Council - Booth 113

Softball destination. Home of the 1996 Olympics and 2019 International Cup.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact David Boyd - Email,

Dartfish USA - Booth 222

Dartfish provides a toolset for Softball Pitching coaches, providing graphical player reports indicating areas of improvement for their players as well as the ability to analyze opponent hitters' tendencies for game planning against opponents. Reports can be used to generate video playlist and reviewed in team meeting our specific parts of the playlist shared to a player's mobile telephone to deliver visual training. Dartfish provides several options for all program budgets. We welcome you to come by our booth for a product demonstration.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Victor Bergonzoli - Email,

Diamond 9 Events - Booth 424

We host pre-season college events for all divisions with the mission to create a Championship Environment for programs to compete at aiming to prepare for their own regular and championship season.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Kevin O'Donnell - Email,

Diamond Charts, LLC - Booth 114, 815

The original and premier spray charts & data consulting service for colleges & high schools.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Kellen Hurst - Email,

Diamond Kinetics - Booth 501, 503


Diamond Kinetics is the market leader in providing the most advanced and affordable player performance technology and data for player development and recruiting. This includes the SwingTracker bat sensor/app, PitchTracker 'Smart' ball/app and Axon Sports pitch recognition cognitive training app. Discounted, customized programs are available for Collegiate, Travel and High School programs of all sizes and budgets.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Jeff Schuldt - Email,

Diamond Pro - Booth 602

Professional Groundskeeping Products, Conditioners, Clays, Chalk, Drying Agents

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Rene Asprion - Email,

Diamond Sports - Booth 201, 203, 300, 302


For over forty years, Diamond Sports has designed and manufactured high quality baseball and softball products for all levels, while striving to inspire participation in baseball and softball with character, integrity, and respect.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Team Diamond - Email,

Easton Diamond Sports - Booth 100, 102, 104


Easton Diamond Sports - leading baseball/softball equipment manufacturer

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Julie Tobyansen - Email,

Edward Jones - Booth 520


Softball taught me how to apply the life lessons I learned throughout my playing and coaching careers and how it applies to the way I live my life - my work ethic, attitude, and giving back! My calling is to create impactful relationships that will have a positive and long lasting affect on my clients financial goals. As a former college softball player and coach the softball field is where I discovered the impact of positive and long lasting relationships. I would not be here today without softball and its positive impact on my life, career, family, and education. Your money is like my athletes - I have to get it home safely!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Kris Caldwell - Email,

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) - Booth 308

Ministry to and through coaches.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Dana Jenkins - Email,

FieldTurf - Booth 504, 506


When it comes to artificial turf sports fields, FieldTurf is the most trusted brand in the industry. Whether its football, soccer, baseball or any other sport, FieldTurf fields provide athletes with the safety and performance they need to perform at their best, while giving field owners the durability they want to maximize the value of their investment. FieldTurf is a world leader in artificial turf with over 20,000 installations worldwide.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Cameron Robertson - Email,

FlightScope - Booth 814

FlightScope Strike is a 3D phased array tracking radar providing advanced pitching and hitting data analytics for baseball and softball.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact David Mayberry - Email,

FollowThru Pro Training Bats - Booth 629, 631, 633, 728, 730, 732

The FollowThru Pro Training Bat provides a precision hitting experience that encourages proper swing technique in hitters with varying levels of skill. Our patented FollowThru technology provides hitters with instant audible feedback, encouraging them to swing all the way through the zone until they hear that "click".

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Patrick Wood - Email,

G Tee Batting Tees - Booth 508

G Tee Batting Tees AWARD WINNING, Professional, Portable, Patented, made in the USA with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY. G TEE...your last tee.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Jason Gangelhoff - Email,

GameChanger - Booth 500, 502

GameChanger provides simple - yet powerful - free scorekeeping tools, advanced statistics, live updates and team management solutions for baseball and softball teams. We calculate stats, generate a scorebook, and stream live play-by-play to parents and fans. The GameChanger app is the premiere team management app for baseball and softball teams of all ages and skill level. Our in-app messaging, game & practicing scheduling, team announcements and more make it easy for every coach to organize and manage their teams.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Kyleigh Meisler - Email,

Ground Force Sports - Booth 804

The best trainer to get your daughter to create LEG DRIVE and Ground Force for Pitchers and hitters.....period. You won't have to yell at your player again to "USE YOUR LEGS!" Guaranteed!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Rich Dunno - Email,

HitTrax - Booth 127, 129, 131, 133, 226, 228, 230, 232


HitTrax delivers groundbreaking metrics & instantaneous feedback, along with an unmatched player experience. A total training solution for hitting, catching, and pitching - HitTrax is Redefining The Game.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Tom Stepsis - Email,

Jaeger Sports - Booth 719

Jaeger Sports is a Southern California-based organization specializing in Arm Health, Arm Conditioning for baseball and Mental Training. Through a variety of products and training programs we address more than just an athlete's physical skills and preparation. Our goal at Jaeger Sports is to help athletes optimize their performance through Arm Conditioning and Mental Training. We do this through our Jaeger Sports Arm Health and Care Program and our Jaeger Sports Mental Training.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Craig Dixon - Email,

Jugs Sports - Booth 700, 702, 704, 706

JUGS Sports, #1 Selling Pitching Machine Company In The World. Jugs Sports is the leading producer of softball equipment world wide. Including, Pitching Machines, Batting Cages, Protective Screens, Hitting Tee's & Practice Balls.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Steve Candello - Email,

Legacy Event Management - Booth 219, 318


Legacy Events manages and sanctions elite level sporting competitions that connect dedicated youth athletes with college coaches for potential recruitment

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Rebecca Massave - Email,

Lizard Skins - Booth 209

Lizard Skins is a market leader in grip, glove and protective accessories. Our mission is to enhance the athlete's performance, comfort and style. Lizard Skins is the Official Bat Grip Supplier of Major League Baseball.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Adam Vaughn - Email,

Longstreth Sporting Goods - Booth 620

Retail and team sales of softball equipment, uniforms, performance-wear and footwear

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact John Schaefer - Email,

Markwort Sporting Goods C-FLAP - Booth 510

Palmgard, Knobcuff, Gameface Heart-Gard, C-Flap, Prohitter

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Marielos Markwort - Email,

Marucci Sports - Booth 110, 112

Marucci manufactures wood and aluminum/composite baseball and softball bats, gloves, on-field and lifestyle apparel, and other baseball and fastpitch gear. In addition to being the most-used bat in the Big Leagues, Marucci is also the official equipment provider to over 50 college programs, 30 elite travel ball organizations, and outfits hundreds of high school and youth teams nationwide.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Aly Sartini - Email,

Maverick Awards - Booth 431

Leading supplier of athletics awards to colleges and universities: letter jackets, blankets, watches, framed awards and framed jerseys.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Chris Ryder - Email,

Mental Sweet Spot - Booth 705, 711

Come by our booth for a chance to WIN A $15,000 MENTAL TOUGHNESS & LEADERSHIP EVENT for your team! We give coaches the TOOLS to build the TOUGHEST teams in North America. Our proven Mental Performance System is changing the game for athletes, coaches and parents too. - At a LOSS trying to figure out why they crush it in practice, and CRUMBLE UNDER PRESSURE? - Pulling your hair out over DRAMA, LACK OF COMMITMENT or athletes with ATTITUDE? - SICK and TIRED of athletes who LACK THE MENTAL FORTITUDE TO COMPETE and questioning why it feels like YOU CARE MORE THAN THEY DO? These are just a few of the reasons coaches join forces with Mental Sweet Spot. If you are truly committed to BUILDING STRONG LEADERS ON & BEYOND THE FIELD, we would love to meet you!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Alicia Smith - Email,

Midwest Sports Productions/Top Gun Events - Booth 329

Midwest Sports Productions and our affiliate brands (Top Gun Events) at the Elite Fastpitch level is the single largest promoter of youth Fastpitch in the United States.

Visit Website
Contact Jeff Wallace - Email,

Mizuno USA - Booth 413, 415, 512, 514


Mizuno USA is a brand committed to softball and has been an industry leader in the sport for many years.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Leah Majeski - Email,

Monarchs Softball Organization - Booth 814

We are a travel softball organization who competes at a national level, with multiple national championships and multiple All Americans to its credit. We are in the business of competing at the highest level on the field, getting our student athletes into college, and preparing them to do big things when they get there.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Jeff Blanco - Email,

National Scouting Report - Booth 106

Since 1980, NSR's mission has been to help match student-athletes and college coaches with the best fit for their futures and programs. Our Mission starts with high standards and ends with accountability. We're dedicated to those fundamentals, and that drives us to provide college coaches with athletes who meet their standards and abilities by expecting the same values from our scouts and prospective student-athletes.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Bryan Black - Email,

NCSA/Reigning Champs Experiences - Booth 205, 207

Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) is the world's largest and most successful college athletic recruiting network. NCSA was founded in 2000 to help educate student-athletes and their families on the college athletic recruiting process. Today, NCSA works with families, club, high school and college coaches to helps hundreds of thousands of student-athletes find their best college fit. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Reigning Champs LLC, NCSA leverages proprietary technology and data with professional expertise and personal relationships to offer recruiting support to families, club and high school coaches, and college coaches. NCSA recruits for 34 different sports.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Jaimie Duffek - Email,

Netting Professionals - Booth 313, 315, 412, 414


As an Official Sponsor of the NFCA, Netting Professionals specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom netting for backstops, batting cages, BP screens, scoreboards, dugout rails, barrier netting, & more. We also design and install wall padding, dugout rail padding, & windscreen with digital graphics.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Will Minor - Email,

New Balance - Booth 519, 618


New Balance offers On-Field/Off-Field products for Coaches, Athletes and Fans to proudly wear their Team Colors and Logo. Our quality, service and commitment to the sport stands apart. Please stop by our booth to see how and why.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Dave O'Connor - Email,

ODM Testing - Booth 426

ODM, an acronym for OnDeck Measurements, is the recognized leader in softball athletic testing. ODM is designed to measure softball specific athleticism in the areas of speed, agility, quickness, swing metrics, overhand throwing velocity, and grip strength. Results can be evaluated by looking at each individual score, or through the composite score- the Allister Index. These scores allow athletes and college coaches to create performance baselines and goals, and to compare their unique results to a host of established norms, ranging from middle school, thru high school, and on to various college levels. Over 35,000 athletes have been tested by ODM ranging from emerging players at the middle school and high school levels to USA National Team members. ODM testing is exploding across the United States and has become the most meaningful metric system in the sport.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Kevin Allister - Email,

On Deck Sports - Booth 212

On Deck Sports manufactures, supplies, and installs artificial turf, netting, and equipment for teams, organizations and indoor sports facilities across the country.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Jeffrey Bernstein - Email,

OnBase University - Booth 615

OnBase University is an educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to baseball and softball. OnBase University's mission is to educate baseball and softball players and industry professionals on the Body-Baseball Connection or the Body-Softball Connection through its one of a kind OnBaseU Certified educational program. This program was developed by OnBaseU's Advisory Board of industry leading experts. OnBase University seminars cover 3D motion analysis, physical screenings, and video analysis. Stop by our booth to see a live demonstration!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Dr. Sean Drake - Email,

Own The Zone Sports - Booth 601

Developed with the player and coach in mind - 700 colleges, universities and junior colleges are using OTZS software with thousands of high-schools, travel teams and clubs committed to excellence. Store your fully custom, pick-proof, easy to use and easy to implement system in the cloud and access your signs from anywhere. The original and #1 pick-proof wristband system - Own The Zone Sports.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Liam Woodard - Email,

Pocket Radar, Inc. - Booth 309, 311, 408, 410


Pocket Radar designs, engineers and manufactures revolutionary speed tracking technologies used in all levels of softball. By providing an affordable and convenient solution to pro-performance radar technology, they have forged a new standard in accurate speed-based training that is accessible to the masses. Their latest, Smart Coach Radar with companion app, is the first affordable, complete speed and video training system that empowers softball coaches and players with the ability to create and share a digital record of their progress. With their new Smart Coach Radar and app, coaches and athletes of all ages are able to capture accurate pitching and hitting speeds integrated with video of their mechanics or get immediate feedback of their speeds delivered wirelessly to their smartphones/tablets. "The new Smart Coach Radar and app combination is a game changer for our practices and recruiting," 2019 National Champion, Kelly Inouye-Perez (UCLA)

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Tyler Scaturro - Email,

Premier Girls Fastpitch, Inc. - Booth 215, 314


Tournament & Promotional Events

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Dan Hay - Email,

Premier Sports Management - Booth 331, 333, 430, 432

As a professional and accredited Sports Travel Company, SARec Sports Travel provides sports travel services across the USA. We take sports tournament travel management to a whole new level of convenience and security with our custom reservation system and knowledgeable sports travel managers. Our professional sports travel managers thoroughly vet all our partner hotels and guarantee that they meet our high standards before negotiating the best group hotel rates. We are partnered with ALL the major hotelier brands and represent more than 600,000 hotels worldwide. We can offer complimentary perks such as coaches rooms, bus driver rooms and complimentary meeting space whenever available. Best of all...our service is FREE!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Jerry Arsenault - Email,

ProNine Sports - Booth 223, 225

Softball sporting goods including practice & game balls, buckets, catcher's gear, sunglasses, fungo bats, batting gloves, team & player bags, practice nets & more. Custom balls available.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Brad Emerman - Email,

Pryor Sports Bags - Booth 433

Manufacturer of the best American made custom softball equipment bags for over 35 years. YOUR logo never looked so good!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Gordon Grunz - Email,

Rapsodo - Booth 505, 507, 509, 511, 513, 515, 604, 606, 608, 610, 612, 614


Rapsodo, Inc. is a sports analytics company that empowers athletes and coaches with affordable, portable, easy-to-use, data-driven sports technologies. We develop, manufacture and distribute performance measurement devices to help athletes achieve their full potential. Trusted by coaches and players from youth to professional, Rapsodo provides real-time insights for all-time performance. www.Rapsodo.com @RapsodoSoftball

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Kate Tuttle - Email,

Rawlings Sporting Goods - Booth 211, 213, 310, 312

Rawlings Softball is proud to be the Official Helmet of National Pro Fastpitch. Rawlings is dedicated to bringing nearly 130 years of experience in world-class performance product manufacturing to female athletes aspiring to play at the highest level. Tested and proven by the world's best softball players from Lauren Chamberlain to Keilani Ricketts, and Rawlings Gold Glove Award Winners, AJ Andrews, Chelsea Goodacre and Jade Rhodes, Rawlings is truly the "New Gold Standard" in softball.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Katie Kruse - Email,

RightView Pro - Booth 714

RightView Pro President, Don Slaught, has teamed up with OnBase University, a leader in the education of baseball and softball experts, to teach industry professionals how to improve player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during hitting and pitching. We call this concept the Body-Hitting Connection or the Body-Pitching Connection. Using RVP Video Analysis Software for Baseball and Softball Hitting and Pitching along with K-MOTION 3D Motion software, coaches and trainers can now truly unlock every athlete's best motion. Stop by our booth to see a live physical screening!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Don Slaught - Email,

Ringor - Booth 322, 324

At Ringor, we know softball. For over three decades, we've built a reputation around creating and producing top-quality girls' softball cleats, turf shoes and bags that deliver the performance that players and coaches expect. Softball only, nothing else.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Joelle Fanger - Email,

RIP-IT - Booth 811, 813

We are fastpitch exclusive! We offer protective gear as well as being to outfit teams with custom jerseys and apparel.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Sean Kangrga - Email,

SanMar - Booth 801, 803, 805, 807

Family-owned since 1971, Issaquah, WA-based SanMar is an award-winning supplier of retail, private label and mill brands. We supply apparel and accessories to screen printers, embroiderers, promotional products distributors, athletic dealers and more.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Cindy Crank - Email,

Schutt Sports - Booth 101, 103, 105


Protective gear, helmets, catching gear, etc.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Dianne Baker - Email,

SCORE SPORTS - Booth 810

SCORE is a leading U.S based uniform manufacturer, and sports apparel/equipment provider, partnering directly with youth programs to ensure all players achieve the professional look and feel they deserve. All uniform fabric is knit, cut, and sewn here in the U.S., allowing us to sustain terrific product inventory, extend highly competitive package pricing, impart an extraordinarily fast league-order turnaround, and alleviate all stress that comes with purchasing uniforms.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Anne Hernandez - Email,

Scrap Yard Sports - Booth 400


Scrap Yard Sports is a state-of-the-art all-turf sports complex with unrivaled field quality and luxury amenities, including high-quality concessions, covered seating areas, first class restrooms, and more. It has become the Elite venue in the area for major tournaments as well as collegiate events.

Visit Website
Contact Sarah Drheim - Email,

Shoeless Joe, LLC - Booth 221

Shoeless Joe softball and baseball gloves plus an assortment of replica ball gloves.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Steve Arensdorf - Email,

SixFour3 - Booth 423

SixFour3 is a premier fastpitch softball training facility with anytime, self-service access. With locations currently located in VA, we will be expanding franchises nationwide in 2020.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Matthew Cooke - Email,

SkillShark Athlete Evaluations - Booth 800, 802

Get away from pen and paper running your evaluations! SkillShark saves you time and provides instant feedback to athletes.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Neil Anderson - Email,

SlowTheGameDown - Booth 108

Elite vision performance

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Ryan Harrison - Email,

Softball Excellence - Booth 600

Softball Education and Training: Softball Excellence has been providing creative Instruction, Innovative Products, and Performance Solutions for over a decade. Founded by Cindy Bristow, Softball Excellence is your source for proven instruction with the world's largest online repository of on-demand softball instruction drill videos, skill videos, practice plans, and online clinics. We are also home of the Pitching & Hitting Summits - specialized, relevant and innovative softball instruction targeted exclusively for the college coach. A deep dive into the hitting and pitching differentiators that separate good college programs from great ones.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Robin Pokoj - Email,

Softball Rebellion/Baseball Rebellion - Booth 427

Softball/Baseball Rebellion develops and sells softball & baseball hitting products that help hitters move faster so they can hit the ball harder & more consistently.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Kyle Wormington - Email,

SPI Nets, Inc. - Booth 327

Softball/Baseball Batting Cages, Protective Screens, Barrier Nets, Custom Nets, Net Installation and a distributor of various sports products.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Glenda Kirby - Email,

Sports Attack - Booth 401, 403, 405


The Hack Attack Softball Machine has a unique three-wheel design that allows you to see the ball clearly and fully all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration and release, just like a live pitcher.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Kurt Brenner - Email,

Sports Tutor/Sports Machine - Booth 701, 703

Softball pitching machines and related equipment

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact John Henderson - Email,

Stabilizer Solutions, Inc. - Booth 425

Stabilizer Solutions is the premier supplier of softball infields, clays, and warning track.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact William Paprocki - Email,

Stack Sports - Booth 208, 210


Sports Software

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Brandon Tompkins - Email,

Sterling Athletics - Booth 409

Retail/wholesale of athletic products and textiles.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Terry Robinson - Email,

The Fastpitch School - Booth 411

We work to provide an education in Life Skills through the sport of Fastpitch Softball.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Michael Bastian - Email,

The Softball Group - Booth 325

Softball Equipment, Apparel and Training Products.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Kim Cass - Email,

Total Control Sports - Booth 712

Total Control Sports Products come perfectly weighted by design. The weighted TCB balls are used for optimum resistance to develop the muscles both slow and fast twitch. Develop strength & extension through the hitting zone while providing instant feedback for the hitter.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Nick Micek - Email,

Traveling Teams - Booth 119, 121, 218, 220


TRAVELING TEAMS is the largest hotel service for youth sports in the US. We provide maximum sponsorship and the highest level of service to the teams and our partners. Tournament directors and complexes nationwide appreciate our customized full-service, with accurate tracking, and detailed reporting. With over 18 years of experience, and relationships with thousands of hotels, CVBs and sports commissions across the country, we guarantee we'll bring value to your events.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Beth Reed - Email,

Triple Crown Sports - Booth 301, 303


We are a youth sports event provider.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Alyson Carter - Email,

Turface Athletics - Booth 115, 214


Materials for the construction and maintenance of softball fields, including infield mix, mound and plate packing clay, infield conditioners, topdressing aggregates, and a complete catalog of field accessories.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Jeff Langner - Email,

USA Baseball - Booth 109

USA Baseball Women's National Team

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Ashley Bratcher - Email,

USA Softball - Booth 202, 204, 206


USA Softball is the National Governing Body of softball in the United States. We develop, administer and promote the sport of softball to provide opportunities for participation and the best possible experience for those involved.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Dre McKee - Email,

USSSA - Booth 419, 421, 518


USSSA is the world's largest multi-sport amateur sport association.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Jami Lobpries - Email,

Valle Shield / Training Gloves - Booth 125

The Valle Shield is a patented Softball/Baseball Protective hitting screen and the first on the market to protect both hitter and coach from dangerous ricochets in a cage. Many softball programs have purchased the Shield along with 25 of the 30 MLB teams. Valle Training Gloves have been the highest quality training softball gloves for almost 15 yrs. The only company with models for every position on the field, from infield along with the catcher, outfield and first base.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact John Valle - Email,

VukGripz Performance Grips & Gloves - Booth 227

The ONLY American Made Bat Grip that ranks 1st in Slip Resistance and Bat Speed increases! We have an award winning, complete gripping system between grips/tapes and batting gloves that ranks 1st in Slip Resistance, Bat Speed increases and Bat Control in any condition!

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact RJ Vukovich - Email,

Wilson Sporting Goods - Booth 319, 321, 323, 418, 420, 422


Be the best with the best. Elite Fastpitch players across the country choose Wilson gloves for their unmatched feel and unrivaled durability. Louisville Slugger and DeMarini set the bar in the industry when it comes to bat performance and talent of all ages rely on EvoShield's Gel-to-Shell protection and ATEC training equipment to take their game to the next level.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Julie Jasieniecki - Email,

X-Grain Sportswear - Booth 521

We are a leading apparel brand that sells to high school, colleges, and Youth programs, travel teams

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Brian Brandel - Email,

Yakkertech - Booth 524, 526, 528

The Yakkertech technology advantage supports the needs of the pitching coach and player to attain more expedited improvement. Yakkertech uses vision imaging technology to provide uncompromising ball kinematics for the purpose of analysis and iterative performance enhancement for pitchers.

Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Contact Savannah Bales - Email,

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