The NFCA is proud to offer a game-changing EXCLUSIVE annual benefits package to all high school, travel ball and youth coach members that will immediately improve your team! We know how important practice is to the success of your team and that’s why we have created the following membership benefit that includes delivery of a new Coaching Tools package every year - just for high school, travel ball and youth coaches. 

Here’s a look at what you’ll receive with your NFCA membership:

YEAR ONE (Available to all grassroots members)

  • 9 Practice Plans (ready-to-use practices)
  • 34 Team Drills (fielding, throwing, sliding and strategy)
  • 18 Hitting Drills (within a Hitting Drills eBook that include both Batting T and Toss Drills)
  • 3 Video Drills

YEAR TWO (Available to all grassroots members who joined the NFCA prior to Jan 2018)

  • 6 Practice Plans
  • 11 Drills
  • 2 Video Drills

YEAR THREE (Available to all grassroots members who joined the NFCA prior to Jan 2017)

  • Practice Plans
  • 10 Drills
  • 2 Video Drills 

YEAR FOUR (Available to all grassroots members who joined the NFCA prior to Jan 2015)

  • 25 Forms and Charts to use for your program
    • 7 Practice Plans / Objectives
    • 7 Skill Checklists
    • 1 Quality At Bat Chart
    • 2 Player Evaluation Forms
    • 2 Pitching Charts
    • 3 Scouting Forms
    • 3 Offensive Charts


  • If you are a high school, travel ball or youth member, please log in and head to your coach's box to take advantage of this exciting benefit.
  • If you are not a member, click on the appropriate link at the bottom of the page for information about specific membership packages and how to join the NFCA.

"With this fourth installment of our Coaching Tools Package, we are continuing to provide industry-leading information to our member coaches in a format that is both easy to navigate and implement into individual programs. Grassroots coaches are the foundation of the sport of softball and providing them with a variety of educational resources is a core tenet of our organization. We hope you enjoy this installment of coaching tools and we look forward to receiving your feedback."


"USSSA is excited to partner with the NFCA on a core value we both share — education. We believe it is vital to the growth of our sport to provide coaches with relevant resources and teaching tools that they can implement into their daily training. We’re excited to use our platform and our resources, such as our professional players with the USSSA Pride, to continue growing the Coaching Tools Package.” 

If you have questions regarding our individual and group membership benefits or our Coaching Tools packages, please click HERE or call 502-409-4600.

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