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Finish the Year Strong: How to facilitate high-quality exit interviews
Finish the Year Strong: How to facilitate high-quality exit interviews

As coaches, we hope the end of the year is a time we can celebrate growth, share a vision of what's next, and if we're lucky, hoist a trophy. However, the end of the year also means student-athlete surveys, exit interviews, performance evaluations, and contract negotiations. There is a lot to navigate in this space and it is an area of coaching that comes with numerous questions. We heard your questions and we are bringing you the answers. Join our panel of experts and discuss how you can best navigate the end of the season.


Unprecedented & Uncharted & Unusual...OH MY!
Unprecedented & Uncharted & Unusual...OH MY!

We understand the softball community is filled with a lot of uncertainty, especially as some of you start to make your way back to the field, whether it be for small group work, practice, camps, or large tournaments. Come together with your community to ask questions and bounce ideas off each other for a successful season. From bus seating charts to travel, planning team meals, and navigating mask protocols ... let's talk about it..

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Bullying & Hazing
Recognizing & Addressing Bullying & Hazing

Bullying and hazing are issues that may impact your program in a variety of ways. Our panelists discussed what bullying and hazing are, how they can be perceived differently by different people, and what you as a coach need to do to educate your student-athletes and keep those around you safe while also protecting your program and your job.

Signal Systems
Signal Systems Webinar

Face signals, number systems, wristbands, indicators, secondary indicators, hot signals and figuring out how to pick your opponents signs, while protecting your own, are part of what makes coaching softball so exciting. Learn various strategies and explore the best practices of signal systems for today's game.

Educate to Elevate
Creating & Sustaining Habits for Success


Kick off 2021 by joining your fastpitch softball community for the next Educate to Elevate forum. This month's forum will focus on creating intentional goals and organizing your life. Hear from those who did it well in 2020 and are looking to sustain and build in 2021, as well as others who can help you create new habits for success. ūüé•

Pre-Season Planning: Creating Efficient & Dynamic Practices

On this episode of "The Dirt" NFCA Podcast presented by Netting Professionals, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire softball coach and 2021 NFCA Hall of Fame Inductee, Leslie Huntington talks about creating dynamic & efficient practices. Listen to "Pre-Season Planning: Creating Efficient & Dynamic Practices | Leslie Huntington | Wisconsin-Eau Claire" on Spreaker.

Convention Videos
Virtual Convention Videos are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase!

Did you miss the 2020 Virtual Convention? No sweat, you can now purchase the FULL video package. ūüé•

Resume Building

Resume Building

Are you trying to figure out the best way to create your resumé or give it a much-needed facelift? Listen as Princeton University’s Kathleen Manheimer explains how your resumé can help set you apart from the pack in today’s competitive job market.

Head to your members-only "Coach's Box" under the "Education" tab and click on "Digital Education Library". This session will be located in the "Coach Development/Misc" category.

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills

That resumé got you the interview … now what? Listen in as two new hires, Dr. Megan Brown and Lacy Wood, share their experiences in interviewing and offer you tips for preparing and acing your next interview.

Head to your members-only "Coach's Box" under the "Education" tab and click on "Digital Education Library". This session will be located in the "Coach Development/Misc" category.

Mental Health

Mental Health

The mental health of youth athletes is possibly the most overlooked aspect of their development. Coaches who understand the great responsibility of caring for their athletes on this level can have more of an impact than they ever imagined. Watch this session to learn more about developing resiliency and building the foundation in youth athletes that will serve them for years to come, both during and after their playing days. Led by: Sue Enquist, UCLA Ret., Suzy McNulty, M.D., Mia Bella Pediatrics

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