Name Position School
Stacey Newell Pitcher Lackawanna JC (Pa.)
Nicole Roy Pitcher CC of Rhode Island
Dawnelle Nelson Catcher Lackawanna JC (Pa.)
Yvonne Lopez First Base CC of Rhode Island
Jolene Yankee Second Base CC of Rhode Island
Jen Coleman Third Base Lackawanna JC (Pa.)
Jodi-Lynn Pesaturo Shortstop CC of Rhode Island
Sherri Hughes Outfield Lackawanna JC (Pa.)
Jade Coderre Outfield CC of Rhode Island
Lauren Hebb Utility Prince George's CC (Md.)
Megan Fuller Utility Lackawanna JC (Pa.)
Maria Luisa Blanco Designated Player CC of Rhode Island

Name Position School
Susan Aquilar Pitcher Phoenix (Ariz.)
Lauren Chunn Pitcher Northeast Mississippi CC
Meredith Shackleford Pitcher Jefferson State (Ala.)
Katie Cobos Catcher Phoenix (Ariz.)
Sonia Medina Catcher Phoenix (Ariz.)
Ashley Muller Catcher Jefferson State (Ala.)
Tasha Frazier Infield Chattahoochee Valley CC (Ala.)
Stephanie Grant Infield Phoenix (Ariz.)
Jessica Spain Infield Northeast Mississippi CC
Brandi Watkins Infield Jefferson State (Ala.)
Cassie Fields Outfield Jefferson State (Ala.)
Tanya Gordon Outfield Northeast Mississippi CC
Joy Hull Outfield Phoenix (Ariz.)
Katie Moore Outfield Northeast Mississippi CC
Amy Whitley Utility Northeast Mississippi CC


Name Position School
Lishal Hopper Pitcher Northeast Mississippi CC
Chris McGee Pitcher Phoenix (Ariz.)
Taaira Masse Catcher Northeast Mississippi CC
Brooke Marshall Infield Jefferson State (Ala.)
Delane Oscarson Infield Phoenix (Ariz.)
Brandi Vondenstein Infield Northeast Mississippi CC
Deanna Camacho Outfield Phoenix (Ariz.)
Christi McGuirk Outfield Jefferson State (Ala.)

Name Position School
Nicole Adam Pitcher Muscatine CC (Iowa)
Emily Alsup Pitcher Parkland (Ill.)
Kristy Brod Pitcher Kankakee CC (Ill.)
Mary Mauro Pitcher Lansing CC (Mich.)
Carrie Kauffman Catcher Iowa Lakes (Iowa)
Megan Crist Infield Kankakee CC (Ill.)
Missy Frautz Infield Iowa Lakes (Iowa)
Laura Harms Infield Kankakee CC (Ill.)
Rebecca Koets Infield Parkland (Ill.)
Janet Russman Infield Lansing CC (Mich.)
Cara Harris Outfield Muscatine CC (Iowa)
Erin James Outfield Parkland (Ill.)
Alison Lessenger Outfield Muscatine CC (Iowa)
Nancy Oger Outfield Lake Land (Ill.)
Jennifer Olds Utility/DP Lansing CC (Mich.)

Name Position School
Julie Gerdes Pitcher Kirkwood CC (Iowa)
Jenny Dinelli Pitcher Kankakee CC (Ill.)
Jacqueline Goosen Pitcher Grand Rapids CC (Mich.)
Annie Johnson Catcher Grand Rapids CC (Mich.)
Nicole Wood Catcher Kirkwood CC (Iowa)
Lacey Frankland Infield Parkland (Ill.)
Kim Horanburg Infield Lansing CC (Mich.)
Kari Munson Infield Lansing CC (Mich.)
Sonjia Schuurmens Infield Iowa Lakes (Iowa)
Aimee Smith Infield Macomb CC (Mich.)
Crystale Gorney Outfield Lake Michigan CC (Mich.)
Kara Park Outfield Kirkwood CC (Iowa)
Sara Turvey Outfield North Iowa CC
Jackie Beener Utitlity/DP Kirkwood CC (Iowa)

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