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 Midwest Region

First Team
Battery Mandy Hacker Blinn College (Texas)
Battery Melissa Maler Temple College (Texas)
Battery Sarah Hausner Seminole State College (Okla.)
Battery Tommie Mitts Seminole State College (Okla.)
Battery Randa Blenden Navarro College (Texas)
Infield Jennifer Crayton Blinn College (Texas)
Infield Juliet Nickelson Olney Central College (Ill.)
Infield Brandy Hill Blinn College (Texas)
Infield Candace Washington Navarro College (Texas)
Infield Jeana Short Seminole State College (Okla.)
Outfield Mairet Perez Seminole State College (Okla.)
Outfield Callie Brittan St. Charles C.C. (Mo.)
Outfield Natalie Enderlin Navarro College (Texas)
Outfield Randi Scheer Seminole State College (Okla.)
DP/Utility Shayna Bradford Illinois Central College


Second Team
Battery Ashley Kirchberg Galveston College (Texas)
Battery Amy Rowe Indian Hills C.C. (Iowa)
Battery Stefanie Austin Connors State College (Okla.)
Battery Megan Gore Blinn College (Texas)
Battery Laura Dixon Three Rivers C.C. (Mo.)
Infield Melissa Yarham Indian Hills C.C. (Iowa)
Infield Amy Gordon Illinois Central College
Infield Hope Ainsworth North Central Missouri College
Infield Brittany Yeary Galveston College (Texas)
Infield Jessica Wheeler San Jacinto South C.C. (Texas)
Outfield Rikki Walker Seminole State College (Okla.)
Outfield Amy Hromadka Temple College (Texas)
Outfield Amber Snodgrass Olney Central College (Ill.)
Outfield Danya Whatley Galveston College (Texas)
Outfield Casey Romero San Jacinto South C.C. (Texas)
DP/Utility Allison Ehert Indian Hills C.C. (Iowa)


West Region

First Team
Battery Andrea Nyhus Central Arizona
Battery Kim Woodson Johnson County (Kan.)
Battery Candice Wilburn Cowley County (Kan.)
Battery Katie Greene Johnson County (Kan.)
Battery Jaclyn Daniels Collin County (Texas)
Infield Stephanie Zellner Central Arizona
Infield Jen Martinez Pima C.C. (Ariz.)
Infield Rebecca Quiroz Pima C.C. (Ariz.)
Infield Mailei Hilva Midland College (Texas)
Infield CJ Costeldia Lamar C.C. (Colo.)
Outfield Jeanette Rincon Central Arizona
Outfield Stephanie Crammer Arizona Western
Outfield Holly Haines Jonson County (Kan.)
Outfield Amy Braquet Grayson County (Texas)
Utility Angie Heitman Lamar C.C. (Colo.)


Second Team
Battery Darya Shembereva Midland College (Texas)
Battery Heather Straight Pima C.C. (Ariz.)
Battery Heidi Miller Midland College (Texas)
Battery Paula Stapley Central Arizona
Battery Kelly Hainline Dodge City (Kan.)
Infield Rachel Hartgrove Utah Valley
Infield Morgan Sims Butler County (Kan.)
Infield Angie Mullins Johnson County (Kan.)
Infield Nikki Aguilar Vernon College (Texas)
Infield Lacey Gorman Central Arizona
Outfield Nicole Cortez Midland College (Texas)
Outfield Stephanie Alvarez Central Arizona
Outfield Becky Owen Central Arizona
Outfield Kaleena Michieli Kansas City CC (Kan.)
Utility Beth Enk Central Arizona


South Region

First Team
Battery Tiffany Ore Indian River C.C. (Fla.)
Battery Lacey Swartout Seminole C.C. (Fla.)
Battery Kelly Mcintyre North Florida C.C.
Battery Carly Kellam Daytona Beach C.C. (Fla.)
Battery Megan Miller Seminole C.C. (Fla.)
Infield Jessica King Daytona Beach C.C. (Fla.)
Infield Kerri Ryskamp Central Florida C.C.
Infield Ashley Jeffers North Florida C.C.
Infield Christina Johnson Wallace State C.C. (Ala.)
Infield Kaylora Bingham Meridian C.C. (Miss.)
Infield Stacy Smith Indian River C.C. (Fla.)
Outfield Carmen Paez Indian River C.C. (Fla.)
Outfield Morgan Scott Palm Beach C.C. (Fla.)
Outfield Gwen Johnson Louisburg (N.C.)
DP/Utility Dana Gilmore Pensacola J.C. (Fla.)


Second Team
Battery Brittney Thomas Wallace State C.C. (Ala.)
Battery Teri Lake Daytona Beach C.C. (Fla.)
Battery Lindsay Enders North Florida C.C.
Battery Laurie Lopez Santa Fe C.C. (Fla.)
Battery Ashley Brown Wallace State C.C. (Ala.)
Infield Chatori Moore Gulf Coast C.C. (Fla.)
Infield Tasha Loftin North Florida C.C.
Infield Kim Hoffer Pensacola J.C. (Fla.)
Infield Amber Stewart Okaloosa-Walton C.C. (Fla.)
Infield Kristen Schrupp Seminole C.C. (Fla.)
Infield Crystle Krafft Gulf Coast C.C. (Fla.)
Infield Ashley Bitzer Seminole C.C. (Fla.)
Outfield Courtney Golson Pensacola J.C. (Fla.)
Outfield Katie Hartzog Daytona Beach C.C. (Fla.)
Outfield Jessica Gutherie Wallace State C.C. (Ala.)
Outfield Mayte Diaz Santa Fe C.C. (Fla.)
DP/Utility Tabitha Phelps Motlow State C.C. (Tenn.)

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